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Runners: don’t let blisters slow you down

Of all the ways to keep fit, running has to be one of the most rewarding. Not only is it free, but it also makes you explore the great outdoors, and constantly challenges you to better your performance in terms of timing and endurance. Whether you’re running for fun, to improve your general fitness, or training for a marathon, it’s important to set realistic goals and take care of your body. Runners, perhaps more than any other sportspeople, know exactly how painful bruised toenails and blisters can be, and how common foot afflictions can easily hamper their performance, speed and general enjoyment of the sport.

Foot care for athletes and runners

A common concern for athletes and runners is blister prevention. The friction of socks and trainers rubbing against your skin causes blisters, which can be extremely painful. Blisters are essentially your body’s defence against further damage, with a fluid-filled sac forming to protect the vulnerable tissue underneath.

Unfortunately a number of issues can exacerbate blisters in running and related sports, such as an increased pace, badly fitting trainers and bunions. Furthermore, heat and the moisture from your sweat can make your feet swell, thereby changing the fit of your shoes. Tips to avoid blisters include:

  • Make sure you have the correct trainers for your feet and sport. Experts advise that different shoes are needed for different terrain, and it is vitally important that your trainers fit both in normal conditions and when your feet are slightly swollen from exertion.
  • Wear two pairs of thin socks, so that the friction occurs between the socks rather than on your skin, or try blister-free socks.
  • Keep your feet lubricated with a preventative product like COMPEED® Anti Blister Stickwhich helps prevent chafing and can be applied prior to embarking on any exercise.

Effective sports blister treatment

In the event you do get a blister, the makers of COMPEED® offer a comprehensive range of blister plasters to suit different areas of your feet, from toes to underfoot and heels. The plasters all offer instant pain relief, form a protective cushion and allow optimum healing conditions. They come in both small and medium sizes, with a special Blister Extreme pack, which has 20% extra cushioning and Blister Underfoot which is specially designed to fit, cushion and protect underfoot blisters. Therefore there is a selection that can always be on standby in your first aid or kit bag.