COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick
COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick
COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick
COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick
COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick

COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick

Invisibly helps to prevent blisters and chafing. COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick is effective in the prevention of friction and blistering. 90% of users surveyed reported it prevented blisters and chafing on feet*.

* Product use test conducted among 200 consumer (France & Australia 2004)

8ml Size
Reduces rubbing
Does not stain

How does it work

COMPEED® Anti Blister Stick instantly reduces rubbing on the skin, to help prevent blisters from forming. Easy to apply and non-messy application.

Ideal for uncomfortable footwear and feet that swell in hotter temperatures which can make shoes normally worn suddenly become uncomfortable.

How to use

Apply on feet or other parts of the body, whenever you want to prevent excessive rubbing.


  • Do not use on already formed blisters or open wounds.
  • For already formed blisters, use Compeed blister plasters.
  • Should not be used in children under 36 months.
  • Do not store above 30°C

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a blister?

Blisters are fluid filled lesions that develop in response to repeated friction on the skin. Open blisters can be very painful and take several days to heal.

What causes blisters?

Blisters develop as a result of repeated friction and rubbing, often from tight or ill-fitting shoes.

How to treat blisters?

Blisters can take several days to heal. Treatments focus on protecting the blister from further friction. Apply a COMPEED® plaster to prevent further blistering and provide instant pain relief.

How to prevent blisters?

If you’re wearing shoes that make you more prone to blisters, protect your feet from rubbing and friction with COMPEED® Blister Plasters. You can also prevent blisters by wearing two pairs of thin socks when exercising. Be sure to read our full blister prevention advice.