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How to keep your feet smiling at music festivals

How to keep your feet smiling at music festivals How to keep your feet smiling at music festivals How to keep your feet smiling at music festivals

We’ve all done it at least once in our lives: chosen fashion over comfort.


We all know that the weather in the UK is utterly unpredictable. So even if your music festival falls during the summer months, that’s no guarantee of beach-like sunshine.

Hiking Boots

Easier to manoeuvre than the wellie, and still remarkably waterproof (though maybe avoid jumping into the very deep puddles!), hiking boots are both in vogue and highly practical. Plus, the added comfort will help to give you that little extra pep-in-your-step while you wander through the fields at all hours.

However, you’ll want to make sure you’ve broken in your boots before you put your faith in them at a festival.


Although a pretty reliable type of shoe, after miles of walking and boogying to the beat, even trainers can become a little uncomfortable.


Ok, seriously. Taking heels to a festival that’s covered in uneven terrain is just a no-go. The last thing you want is your six-inch stiletto getting stuck in the mud too. Trust us, leave them at home.


Sandals, flip flops and other open-toed shoes

If you plan on entering the moshpit at a festival, we might suggest you cover up your toes. There’s nothing worse than someone standing on your toes, let alone a stampede of people. Plus, festivals are notorious for having bits of broken glass dotted around the place. The last thing you want is your festival experience being turned into a gory mess.

If you do take your favourite pair of flip flops, just remember to save them for the campsite and away from the big crowds.

Happy Feet

From corns to calluses to bunions and blisters, COMPEED® is here for you. Whether you want to stand around looking fabulous or get right in with the crowd, if your shoe starts to let you down, our range of plasters can help.