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Essential items you should carry with you this winter

Essential items you should carry with you this winter Essential items you should carry with you this winter Essential items you should carry with you this winter

Whether you’re going on a winter getaway or staying put in the cosiness of your home, there are some essential items that can help make the cold and dark weather more bearable – and dare we say, enjoyable!

Read on for COMPEED<sup®’s guide to a comfortable holiday season.

The great outdoors

If you’re hitting the outdoors this winter you’ll want to be dressed for the occasion. Be prepared for heavy rain and potential snowfall (depending on where you’re going), which means carrying a waterproof jacket (preferably insulated), thermals, hats, gloves (especially touchscreen gloves so you can still snap those frosty selfies), and a scarf.  Layering up firstly in light thermals and building upon that with sweaters and coats will allow you to adjust your body temperature accordingly.

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Everybody seems to be coughing and sneezing all over the place this time of year. If you’re going abroad, be prepared for the worst. The recirculated air in aeroplanes and change of atmosphere in a different country can mess with your immune system.

Although in most countries there are pharmacies on every corner, it’s still a good idea to travel prepared just in case. So pack your lozenges, cough syrup, sinus relief and so forth.

If you’re staying at home but enjoy going for wintery walks, the harsh dry air can trigger bad coughing fits, so carrying a bottle of water with you or some cough lozenges will help to nip this in the bud without making too much of a public scene.


Winter skincare is essential. The cold weather can be so cruel to our face, lips, hands, and even our hair.

Around the home

If you’re staying snug at home this holiday season, there are still some things that you can keep to hand to ensure maximum comfort.

The temperature in our homes might be colder than usual with a lot of people trying not to turn their heating on due to energy price increases. So when you make your morning coffee or tea, why not use a Thermos instead of a mug, which will keep your drink hotter for so much longer in the cold air.

Whether or not you’re turning your heating on this year, it’s cold enough outside that you don’t want that icy air creeping into your home – or your warm air inside escaping. Using a draught stopper/excluder will help to prevent this. This is either a metal strip that’s placed under a door or window frame or a plush weighted pillow. There are lots of different materials and colours available.

As the air can be extremely dry during winter, this can lead to irritated eyes and itchy skin. A humidifier will add back valuable moisture to the air. More importantly, they also help reduce the risk of infections as bacteria and viruses cannot travel as well in moist air.

With all this in mind…

Now that you’ve got the low-down on the essentials to carry with you this winter, you’ll hopefully have the confidence to tackle whatever comes your way, be that outside or in your home.