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How to care for your feet in winter

How to care for your feet in winter How to care for your feet in winter How to care for your feet in winter

Although we tend to cover up our feet during the winter months – boot season is quickly approaching, people – that doesn’t mean we should neglect our feet. Plus, when the sun does make a comeback, you’ll want to make sure your feet are ready to be on display again.

Boots: Breaking Them In

They call it retail therapy for a reason. And what better retail therapy is there to fight the winter blues than treating yourself to a lovely pair of boots? Whether it’s a pair of Dr. Martens, Timberland boots or Hunter wellies, the majority of new boots bring pain before they bring comfort.

Socks 101

Although 100% cotton may initially feel like a comfortable choice of fabric, cotton holds onto moisture and will make your feet wet inside your shoe. Opt for a wool sock instead; or even better – a merino wool sock – which is lightweight but keeps your feet warm and dry.

As we mentioned earlier, opt for socks that are longer than your boots to avoid any chafing against your bare leg.

Remove wet socks and shoes ASAP

The perfect winter sock and boot will keep your feet cosy and dry. But wet weather conditions like rain or snow, combined with the heat in your shoe, can make your feet sweaty and therefore damp. In these damp conditions, your feet can get cold more easily, as well as making them more prone to bacterial and viral infections. In extreme conditions, damp feet can also lead to frostbite.

Othe tips for happy feet

The cold weather can really dry out your skin, which can lead to split skin on your feet and heels that can be very painful. These fissures can also lead to infections if not kept clean. To prevent these cracks forming, it’s best to moisturise your feet daily to keep the skin smooth and hydrated.

One final word...

Don’t let irritated feet ruin the closing months of the year! Just remember to keep your feet clean, dry and ensure your winter boots (and socks) fit like a glove.